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We were approached by G F Tomlinson as they required a load spread solution on the suspended ground floor, for their project in Coventry. This was to enable scissor/MEWPS to operate across the whole footprint.

After visiting site, we developed an ALIMATS® working platform using 128 interlocking modules. We also engaged with FP McCann as the suspended floor was their beam and block flooring system, so they did some design checks from our proposal, which was then signed off by client temporary works. The alternative solution from the client side was to put scaffolding in, making it expensive – plus, the ground floor would have been inaccessible. During the four months our working platform was on site, we did a weekend re-visit to reduce the area so that the perimeter walls could be constructed.

To download our drawing for this load transfer solution, click here and go to drawing number A-BIL-128M-GA01.

G F Tomlinson’s Perspective

‘We approached Brilliant Ideas because we wanted a load transfer solution for our Barr’s Hill School project in Coventry. We were working with a beam and block floor system which would not have withstood the weight of MEWPS prior to insulation and floor screed so we needed a working platform that would enable us to use the lifters on it to enhance the beam and block floors structural integrity. Dan Westgate came to site and met with us, took some measurements and very quickly came back with a proposal that was reasonably costed. What Dan designed for us worked exceptionally well and enhanced the integrity of the floor slab so we could carry out some high-level fire protection work.

I’m familiar with ALIMATS® – it’s an excellent product that provides structural support, but we hadn’t used these mats in this particular scenario. There wasn’t a lot for us to do. The Brilliant Ideas team turned up when they said they would and set everything up. The aluminium interlocking mat modules go down quickly and come out quickly – the solution worked brilliantly. It was a challenging project which we got over with the help from Dan and the team. We would definitely use the ALIMATS® solution again’.

Gary Spencer, Project Manager

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