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Bespoke ALIMATS® solutions are being increasingly adopted by main contractors and end users as standard trackway for construction projects – when MEWPS, Scissor Lifts and other large plant travel across a field, to a place of work or new site set up.

The challenge for the Brilliant Ideas team when developing ALIMATS® solutions for spreading load, is getting our hands on the datasheet from the hire company – most of the time it isn’t readily available. What we’re looking for is the:

• Wheelbase to understand the distance between the wheels
• Track width
• Contact area of the wheel onto the ground, and maximum load applied.

It’s absolutely critical that the load going through these machines is understood. If you read IPAFs 2023 Global Safety Report, 831 people were involved in powered access incidents during 2022, resulting in 102 deaths.

Watch our Powered Access explainer video

ALIMATS® a certified aluminium system for bespoke load spread, load transfer and access track solutions

Benefits of ALIMATS® Powered Access Solutions

  • Dual functionality – interlocking and lightweight modules make it easy and quick for two site operatives to set out the trackway by hand. With non-handleable systems it isn’t always possible for heavy plant to access tight spaces to support set-up.
  • Interlocking modules – when the machine is tracking, the load spread is achieved between the modules, and when it’s operating, additional layers are laid on so that the load spread system functions the same as outrigger mats, but under the wheels.
  • Versatile – ALIMATS® can also be used as rolling road by picking the modules from behind and placing them in front as the machine tracks.
  • Flexible system – modules can be set-up to accommodate several machines with varying trackwidths.
  • Enhanced load spread – positioning the modules at an angle perpendicular to the travel of the machine strengthens load spread across the interlock, reducing the rippling effect which could occur if the system was installed straight.

It’s very good practice to place a compressible layer under the mats on hard or slightly uneven ground to allow the mats to deflect during operation, as it further optimises structural performance. If your mat isn’t deflecting, its essentially not spreading load. Instead, it will be transferring the load through the wheel of the machine and through the mat to the concrete or Tarmac.

Examples of ALIMATS® Powered Access Bespoke Solutions

Folkestone Channel Tunnel
320m long access road for Lowery Group on behalf of Balfour Beatty. Watch Video.

Euston Station
MEWP tracking and operating solution for Premier Modular. Read More.

Facebook HQ Kings Cross
MEWP tracking and operating solution for Techrete (UK) on behalf of Kier. Read More.

Barr’s Hill School
Load transfer solution for G F Tomlinson. Read More.

Manchester Science Park
Scissor lift solution for Speedclad on behalf of Caddick Construction. Read More.

Finsbury Square, London
Access track/load spread solution for CMF on behalf of MACE. Read More.

Salford, Manchester
Temporary platform for FK Group on behalf of Sir Robert McAlpine. Read More.

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