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ALIMATS® is a patented modular load spread system for cranes – which we ship worldwide.

As the leading brand of certified interlocking aluminium crane mats, international enquiries for ALIMATS® come from Brazil, Angola, Australia, Qatar, Egypt, Argentina, Arab Emirates, Japan and Germany.

Developed with sustainability in mind, ALIMATS® is manufactured from certified high-grade recycled aluminium with CO2 per-life-cycle stage analysis, to minimise environmental impacts. Our patented system comes with detailed loading information which engineers use in their calculations.

The design is based on an extruded truss making it a very strong system, but light enough to be moved by hand, which is why it comes with handles as standard. Module sizes range from 0.33m² up to 8.07m² and weigh between 13kg and 48kg.

The ALIMATS® brand is well respected across many construction industries, including oil, gas and renewables, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels and ports.

Over the years, we’ve invested significant sums in research and development, which is why the ALIMATS® system is an innovation ahead of its time, and a much better alternative than timber, steel and plastic. Our newest piece of research into allowable working loads will be available soon. To register your interest, please email

ALIMATS® Meeting International Construction Standards

Which size ALIMATS® configuration do I need?

ALIMATS® come in five module lengths. When the modules are used in conjunction with each other, it’s very easy to create different types of load spread set-ups from 1.34m² up to 8.07m².

If you’re not sure which size mats to order, please call our technical team who is on hand to help.

ALIMATS® Range –

  • Mini – 0.58m x 0.58m, weighing 13kg
  • Short – 1160mm x 580mm, weighing 25kg
  • Standard – 1740mm x 580mm, weighing 38kg
  • Long – 2175mm x 580mm, weighing 48kg which are typically used in our 5m² configurations
  • Extra Long – 3480mm x 290mm, weighing 48kg, typically used in our 6m² and 8m² configurations

Some of our customers choose to have their ALIMATS® modules painted in their corporate colours and sometimes with their company logo. Please talk to us about your preferred choice.

Watch our explainer video for our full range of interlocking modules.

Key Features and Benefits of ALIMATS®

Unique interlocking design

The clever piece on ALIMATS® is the patented interlock.

Structural benefits: When the modules are interlocked together under the crane outriggers they work as one structure to distribute the load, spreading it in multiple directions over the whole mat area – greatly increasing its performance.

Operational benefits: With a handleable mat system like ours, setting up the configuration is quick and simple. When the modules are interlocked, the set up becomes one structure which makes alignment directly under the outriggers possible. It ensures the outrigger load is applied at the centre of the mat. This is a lot more difficult to achieve with non handleable systems.

Made from recycled certified extruded aluminium

ALIMATS® are manufactured from certified high-grade recycled aluminium.

This silver metal is a very strong material but also lightweight and sustainable. During our selection process, it was vital that the material could be certified after repeated use which is why our research steered us in the direction of extruded aluminium in a truss like form.

Read our Material Selection and Certification Report

Lightweight and handleable modules

Modules weigh between 13kgs and 48kgs.

Every mat in our range has handles fitted to both ends – for offloading and positioning by hand. Handles are carefully positioned to prevent fingers and hands becoming trapped.

With non handleable heavier systems made from timber, steel and composites, these can typically weigh upwards of 200kgs per mat and have to be craned into position, adding extra cost and time to your project. This defeats the object of using crane mats. Cranes should only operate when the mats are insitu.

ALIMATS® the story behind the innovation

The initial idea for ALIMATS® came about some years ago when our sister company Beresford’s had no option but to hire steel crane mats for their own projects. The mats were too heavy to handle, so they had to ask the site crane operator to move and position them before work could begin. This wasted time, meaning some jobs overran, costing a significant amount of money.

So with proven past performance in innovation, we headed to the drawing board and came up with a solution of our own.

Through our vast research, we knew that outrigger mats had to be strong enough to cope with the load, but also stiff enough to distribute the load across its surface – reducing pressure on the supporting ground.

During development, we analysed a range of profiles and explored different manufacturing techniques. We settled on a triangular shaped truss profile, opting for an extrusion method of manufacture and worked with our production partner to achieve it. The truss profile is tried and tested across the industry, especially for the construction of large-scale bridges and large span roofs – so we knew it would work.

To optimise structural performance and load distribution, we looked at how the outrigger load could be distributed more effectively, and this is where the patented interlock comes in. By having an interlock along the longitudinal joint, a greater load spread is achieved.

From the beginning, we were always going to source a lightweight and strong material that could be repeatedly certified after use, and moveable by hand. For our ALIMATS® customers, short rigging has become a thing of the past.

ALIMATS® Award Winning Innovation

In 2023, Brilliant Ideas Ltd was named IPA Industry Innovation Champion at the British Construction Industry Award. This Government backed construction award is supported by the Infrastructure Projects Authority.

The ALIMATS® system also won Most Innovative New Product for our load spread solution for MEWPS. And in 2022, we won Equipment Specialist of the Year at the Construction News Specialists Awards.

Our newest international ALIMATS® shipments

Global construction projects utilising ALIMATS® crane mats and outrigger pads.

ALIMATS® in Qatar

Our patented 1.740m interlocking configuration has been ordered by a global offshore services company to the oil, gas and renewable industry.

ALIMATS® in Angola

This 20ft container is en route to Luanda Port in Angola for an integrated logistics service company to the oil and gas industry. The mix of 172 mat modules is made up of our standard 1.34m² and 2.01m² configurations and special three layer 4.03m² configuration.

ALIMATS® CPD for international organisations

A global multi property developer in the Middle East recently asked us to deliver a virtual CPD session to some of their senior engineers and health and safety team. Here’s what we covered.


  • Innovation and science behind ALIMATS®, including load spread
  • Good practice when specifying outrigger mats
  • Different outrigger systems
  • Existing practice and procedures
  • Material specification and certification
  • Design considerations and innovation

Request CPD

Considering ALIMATS® for your next project?

Here’s a recap on the systems features and benefits:

Patented interlocking design –
for improved structural performance.

Made from recycled certified extruded aluminium –
for easy offloading and setting up by hand.

Lightweight modules 13kg to 48kg –
no heavy plant or short rigging.

Module sizes 0.33m² to 8.07m² for various applications –
cranes, MEWPS, scissors, spider cranes.

Fully load tested system and certified –
temporary works engineers use our datasheet in their calculations.

Maximum module weight 48kg –
entire range can be delivered to site on a small van.

If you’d like to trial ALIMATS® for your next load spread or load transfer project, please get in touch with the team today on 01355 345111 or email