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ALIMATS® Powered Access Solutions for MEWPS, Scissors and Spider Cranes

We provide load spread, load transfer and access track solutions using our handleable modular interlocking ALIMATS® system. Our patented interlock comes into its own as it spreads the load between modules, as the vehicles track over them.

ALIMATS® modules can be set-up to accommodate several machines with varying trackwidths. You’ll see from some of our more recent projects that we set the modules at an angle to ensure load spread occurs across the interlock, as it spreads perpendicular to the direction of travel. This will also mitigate any rippling that could occur if the system was installed straight – if the system is rippling then the tracking load is not being spread.

We’ve developed solutions for some very challenging projects on behalf of our clients and main contractors: Premier Modular, GF Tomlinson, FK Group and Sir Robert McAlpine, Techrete UK and Kier, Lowery Group and Balfour Beatty, CMF and Mace and Speedclad and Caddick Construction, to name a few.

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Powered Access Solutions

These are some of the Powered Access solutions we’ve developed for our clients:

  • Euston Station – MEWP tracking and operating solution for Premier Modular. Read More.
  • Facebook HQ in Kings Cross for Techrete (UK). Read More.
  • Barr’s Hill School – Load transfer solution for G F Tomlinson. Read More.
  • Manchester Science Park – Scissor lift solution for Speedclad. Read More.
  • Finsbury Square – Access track/load spread solution for CMF. Read More.
  • Folkestone – 320m Load spread solution for Lowery Group. Watch Video.
  • Salford – Temporary platform solution for FK Group. Read More.

Projects like this can be complex and involve a great deal of temporary works. That’s why we’re happy to visit site so we can work together to calculate the loadings based on the machine spec. We’ll follow this up with a detailed drawing and pricing.

We’re happy to install the system to make sure the mats are set-up exactly in accordance with our drawings.

Need a quick solution? No problem. The Euston Station project we developed for Premier Modular was turned around in one week. The enquiry came in on the Tuesday, we’d provided a solution by Wednesday and received the order on Friday. This included completing a comprehensive Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

Access Track Load Spread Solution for CMF at Finsbury Square

This project involved lowering a dismantled compact spider crane from a suspended floor, at Finsbury Square, London. CMF’s temporary works signed off our proposal – which you can download here:

Download drawing

What CMF said:

Due to the complication of placing a wheeled 6.5 tonne crane onto 100mm composite concrete slab, a great deal of temporary works was needed. The initial thought for a solution was to spread the point loads with the use of bog mats and road plates, but this would have created its own issue with manual handling and the weight of the matting.

Brilliant Ideas gave us a much greater solution and resolution to the issue with ALIMATS®, a product versatile enough to complete the task. Also, the product can be manhandled without the use of another mechanical aid, which was a preferable option’

Read more

MEWPS/Scissors/Spider Cranes

Drawing Reference Drawing Revision
Powered Access Example
MEWP and Scissor Lift
Tracking and Operating
A-BIL-354M-GA01 EX 1
Pick and Carry Crane Example
Tracking and Operating
A-BIL-138M-GA01 EX 2
Spider MEWP/Crane Example
Tracking and Operating
A-BIL-14M-GA01 EX 3
Powered Access Example
Scissor Lift
Tracking and Operating
A-BIL-60M-GA01 EX 4

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