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ALIMATS® is a modular load spread solution for MEWPS, Scissor Lifts, Spider MEWPS/Cranes and Pick and Carry Cranes.

The team at Brilliant Ideas provide bespoke load spread, load transfer and access track solutions using our certified aluminium system, which interlocks together and can be set down by hand. The clever piece on ALIMATS® is the patented interlock which ensures load spread is achieved between modules when the machine is tracking. When the machine is operating, additional layers are applied to make sure the load spread system functions the same as outrigger mats, but under the wheels.

The two-fold functionality of the interlock and lightweight mat modules means that most of our bespoke powered access solutions are easily laid out within a few hours.

Watch our ALIMATS® powered access tracking solution using our 3.48 long modules, which can also be used as a rolling road.

Our ALIMATS® load spread solution for MEWPS won Most Innovative New Product at the Building Innovation Awards 2023 and shortlisted for Product Innovation of the Year at the British Construction Industry Awards.

Benefits of using the ALIMATS® system

Enhanced Load Spread

Modules are easily set-up to accommodate several machines with varying trackwidths. When you lay a single layer of modules at an angle perpendicular to the travel of the machine, it enhances load spread across the interlock, reducing the rippling effect which could occur if the system was installed straight. When an additional layer is added, the load spread is further enhanced to deal with higher concentrated loads.

For good practice, we also recommend placing Ethafoam under the mats on hard or slightly uneven ground as it allows the mats to deflect during operation, further optimising structural performance.

Operational Safety

Our load spread solution improves operational safety and protects the ground when the MEWP is in action. In some cases, it enables projects to be completed ahead of schedule despite adding extra scope.

Rapid Bespoke Solutions

Powered access projects can be complex and involve a great deal of temporary works, which is why we’re happy to visit site to calculate the loadings based on the machine spec – unless you’d prefer to send a drawing for us to review. We’ll follow this up with a detailed bespoke drawing for your Temporary Works to sign off – and a pricing proposal.

We offer a direct supply, delivery and installation service.

Quick Installation

We can easily set up around 200 modules with four operatives within two hours because the mats are quick to interlock and set out by hand. We install most trackways systems during a morning visit to site.

Watch Our ALIMATS® Powered Access Explainer Video

ALIMATS® Bespoke Solutions

Euston Station
MEWP tracking and operating solution for Premier Modular. Read More.

Facebook HQ Kings Cross
MEWP tracking and operating solution for Techrete (UK) on behalf of Kier. Read More.

Barr’s Hill School
Load transfer solution for G F Tomlinson. Read More.

Manchester Science Park
Scissor lift solution for Speedclad on behalf of Caddick Construction. Read More.

Finsbury Square, London
Access track/load spread solution for CMF on behalf of MACE. Read More.

Salford, Manchester
Temporary platform for FK Group on behalf of Sir Robert McAlpine. Read More.

Folkestone Channel Tunnel
320m long access road for Lowery Group on behalf of Balfour Beatty. Watch Video.


Generally, the stability from MEWPS is achieved through its wheels. With larger machines the axles extend out making the machine wider and more stable during operation. As the reach gets bigger, we believe the stability during operation is becoming more prevalent. The challenge for Temporary Works Engineers, AP’s – and the team at Brilliant Ideas, is the lack of concise and easily understood information from rental companies on outrigger, wheel loadings, and ground pressure. It isn’t always readily available and doesn’t give a true understanding of what load is being put into the ground –and if mats are required.

Dan Westgate is Managing Director at Brilliant Ideas. Here, you can read his interview with Mark Darwin, Editor at Cranes and Access – which centres on the lack of applied load data when trying to propose the right sized mats for powered access solutions. Please turn to page 33.

Read interview

What Our Clients Say

Bespoke Solution for CMF and Mace

“Due to complications of placing a wheeled 6.5 tonne crane onto 100mm composite concrete slab, lots of temporary works was needed. Initial thought for a solution was spreading point loads with bog mats and road plates but this would have created manual handling issues. Brilliant Ideas gave us a much greater solution with ALIMATS®, a product versatile enough to complete the task and manhandled without mechanical aid. This powered access load spread solution got us over the line”.

Bespoke Solution for G F Tomlinson

“We approached Brilliant Ideas for a load transfer solution. We were working with a beam and block floor system which wouldn’t have withstood the weight of MEWPS before insulation and floor screed. We needed a working platform enabling us to use the lifters, enhancing the floors structural integrity. Dan Westgate visited site, took measurements and quickly presented a reasonably costed proposal. His ALIMATS® design worked exceptionally well and enabled us carry out high-level fire protection work”.

Bespoke Solution for Network Rail

“Using the Alimats as a rolling road for the MEWP operating within the station ticket hall on the London Underground has been extremely successful, enabling works to be completed ahead of programme, despite additional scope being added”.

MEWPS/Scissors/Spider Cranes

Drawing Reference Drawing Revision
Powered Access Example MEWP and Scissor Lift Tracking and Operating A-BIL-354M-GA01 EX 1
Pick and Carry Crane Example Tracking and Operating A-BIL-138M-GA01 EX 2
Spider MEWP/Crane Example Tracking and Operating A-BIL-14M-GA01 EX 3
Powered Access Example Scissor Lift Tracking and Operating A-BIL-60M-GA01 EX 4

For more information, please fill in the form below and we will send you full specifications and drawings


    “Our project involved lowering a dismantled compact spider crane from a suspended floor, at Finsbury Square. The service, support and follow-up we received from Brilliant Ideas was excellent”.

    Steve Hamilton, Appointed Person of Lifting Operations/Temporary Works Coordinator at CMF