It’s been a busy first quarter of the year for the team at Brilliant Ideas. Not only have we been inundated with a number of award shortlists, we have also been tasked with introducing four new innovative construction products to market. So it gives us great pleasure to introduce the follow products that will help to make your day on site safe and efficient!

Brilliant Ideas Concrete Carriage – Makes light work of moving heavy concrete pipes:

concrete carriage by brilliant ideas

Key benefits:

  • Keeps the pipe and joint off the ground
  • Casters can go in any direction
  • Built in joint slot pop up cups to keeps the pipe in place
  • Lightweight and strong
  • It has perimeter holes to make it easy to drag around with a pull bar.

Find out more about our Concrete Carriage.

Tower Truck – the quickest, safest & easiest method to move scaffolding towers:

tower truck in use

Key Benefits:

  • The clamp is fully adjustable to fit most makes of tower
  • The inbuilt tow hitch is hinged to allow the hitch to drop down when not in use, saving the operator from tripping over or smashing his shin on it
  • One Tower Truck can service multiple towers/tower clamps
  • Moving even larger tower scaffolds can be safely done by a single operator.

Find out more about our Tower Truck.

Mortarvator – a lightweight, battery powered hand held mixer:

Key Benefits

  • Weighing just 10kg, it is lightweight, easily transported and carried
  • Battery powered – no extra power supply required
  • Fast mixing – drum rotates 10x faster than traditional mixers
  • Whole bag can be mixed in one go, with a 1 tonne bag mixed in around 5 minutes
  • No back-breaking shoveling
  • Easily cleaned – just spin in water.