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Dave Bloor, Installations Manager

We operate on a nationwide basis. Most of our sites utilise mobile cranes and when ground conditions determine crane outrigger mats are required, we always recommend ALIMATS®, as they’re handleable and strong.

They also interlock which ensures the setup is more robust and mat modules stay in place during adjustment and operation. The detailed loading information is always popular with temporary works engineers along with the material certification.

With systems that do not interlock there can be issues with site debris preventing proper set up. The heavier systems in the market are not handleable, so the crane may require short rigging, which in many instances is not recommended.

In fact, all the construction safety products invented and manufactured by Brilliant Ideas have been tried and tested before they become available on the market.

Brilliant Ideas are one of Bison’s trusted suppliers. All their products are proven and their customer service is excellent.