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Craig Finn – General Manager, Flooring

ALIMATS is the best product on the market for spreading load from the crane outrigs. They’re lightweight and handleable – easy for two people to carry. And because the panels interlock, the load is evenly distributed across the mats – even with large loads. They do the job.

We also use some of their other construction products. A Slapp Clamp which our hauliers use. It’s a lightweight option for unloading pallets of blocks – it’s a much safer option than using a block grab and takes up less space. And their Pole Driller – it allows the site team to drill holes into the hollowcores from ground level; so it’s a safer option as there’s no working from height. It’s quicker too, because we don’t have to spend time setting up platforms and moving them around. It reduces the time on site.

With Brilliant Ideas what you’re getting is a family-based service on a national scale. When you ask for something, it’s done. They’re a nice team to work with.