Philip Cope, Managing Director

We operate for some of the largest main contractors in the UK and when sites require outrigger mats for mobile cranes, we always recommend ALIMATS® as they’re handleable and don’t require any short rigging that can be required with other systems.

As ALIMATS® are delivered on small vans, this also reduces the congestion on and around the site compared to mats that are delivered on larger vehicles. This is a huge advantage on tight city centre sites.

The interlock also ensures a robust solution and the supporting documents you get can be included within the temporary works design and lift plan.

The hole covers are also very popular and a great alternative to drilling and fixing a timber board. The small hole cover does not require any tools to install and are also re-usable – a great solution.

All Brilliant Ideas, products are tried and tested and often provide a simple but safe solution to various on-site Health & Safety challenges.