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The benefits of renting crane mats

There are all sorts of benefits when you rent crane mats – whether you’re renting for a one-off project or you’re a regular hirer. 

But first, an important consideration is to determine the suitability of the mats you’re hiring.

Most outrigger mat materials perform well under compression loads – but are they stiff enough to evenly distribute the load across the entire mat area; and therefore, reducing the pressure on the supporting ground? It’s a critical question, especially as mat materials perform so differently. 

Another relevant question to ask your crane mat supplier is: ‘are your mats fully certified’? If using timber mats do you know the grade and/or material properties? ALIMATS® is a unique patented outrigger mat system – handleable, interlocking and fully load tested. It’s been specifically developed to spread loads imposed by mobile cranes and powered access equipment. 

Once you’ve determined the suitability of mats, then these are some of the advantages of hiring:

Delivery and collection

No-one wants a crane on site standing idle waiting for mats to turn up. That’s why Brilliant Ideas guarantee timed deliveries to site.

Should I rent or buy crane mats?

That depends! To help you make-up your mind as to whether you should rent or buy crane mats, these are some of the things to consider:

Why you would rent crane mats 

Why would you buy crane mats?

How long can I rent crane mats for?

That really depends on who you hire them from. When you rent ALIMATS® you can hire one crane mat configuration for a single day, one week or month or, you can rent outrigger mats for an open-ended longer-term project.

With single day crane mat hires, we can be on site at 8am. We’re flexible – so if you need us to be on site earlier, just let us know. All of our drivers are CSCS card holders, and most are CPCS certified.

How many crane mats can I rent?

Again, that depends on your mat supplier. With us, you can hire one mat configuration – so, from four outrigger mats – up to many multiple mats.

One of our recent bespoke MEWP load spread proposals was a hire of 1170 mats, a project that involved creating a 320m long access road on private ground, in Folkestone. You can read all about this project here: ALIMATS® – 320m Load Spread Solution | Brilliant Ideas (

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ALIMATS® was shortlisted in the 2021 British Construction Industry Awards for product innovation. To find out more or to download our drawings for Outriggers and MEWPS, please go to: ALIMATS® | Brilliant Ideas (