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Shutter Clip

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our patented Shutter Clip instantly seals the joints between two precast hollowcore floor end units. Building Regulation compliant, this solution is easily and quickly fitted without the need for power tools, timber shuttering or screws. It’s made from recycled Polypropylene plastic, increasing its sustainability. Lightweight but strong, it was developed and tested in-house and trialled on Bison Concrete Products Ltd sites.


‘The Shutter Clip is much easier for our installers to use – it’s a quick process because you don’t have to wait for the concrete to stiffen up to put into the ends of the units, making it a cost-effective solution. Using the Shutter Clip means we’re compliant with Building Regs – we’re not using products that we shouldn’t be to create a shutter at the ends of the precast.

It also allows us to follow the design of the homogenous floor and that the shear key concrete works as it should. The Clip actually improves the quality of workmanship which benefits the follow-on trades as it’s easier to build walls off and that the correct loads can be applied. It definitely speeds up the process because we don’t have to send someone to clean concrete from around and in the cavities – so secondary works aren’t needed.

One of our housebuilder clients stipulates that we use the Shutter Clip as this gives them a greater standard of finish. It’s a great product’.

John Calvert, Senior Contracts Manager, Treanor Pujol Ltd


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Features and Benefits

  • Safe – No temporary works, as shuttering the end of the units is eliminated; no hand tools or loose fixings are needed
  • Sustainable – Manufactured from recycled Polypropylene plastic
  • Lightweight – Transportable and strong
  • Fast – Quick solution when you compare this to timber shuttering
  • Flexible – Held in place by flexible plastic wings to ensure variable joint widths can be achieved.
  • Compliant – Meets Robust Details E-FC-4 and Building Regulations Parts B, E, F and L. Plus, full load transfer can occur between hollowcore floor units.

Price (RRP):

Shutter Clips: £0.35 each (exc VAT)
Based on full boxes of 75 number and excludes delivery

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Shutter Clips Demonstration

Why Use Brilliant Ideas Shutter Clips?

It stops concrete between the joints running out and into the wall cavity, which would then fail routine site inspections. The joints between hollowcore units should be properly sealed with in-situ structural concrete – our shutter clips ensure this happens. These pre-formed shaped boards come with integrated flexible wings, providing a quick, easy and robust way to shutter joints.

The infill material between hollowcore floor units, serves two purposes – structural and regulatory – relating to noise, fire and air tightness. Some leading developers in construction specify Brilliant Ideas Shutter Clips, where traditional methods of construction are applied.

The challenge with current infill methods

On many sites, it’s standard practice to ‘site mix’ infill material and short fill the end location between hollowcore floors. This is poor practice because it isn’t properly regulated on site and results in a multitude of non-compliance, for example:

  • The structural integrity of the floor would be compromised in relation to load spread between units, vertically and laterally
  • Air loss would occur between the units and into the vented cavity
  • Fire spread would occur between the units into the vented cavity and floor above
  • The average density would not meet standards
  • Sound would escape between the units

The Shutter Clip is a very simple product and solves all of these problems.

Certified ready-mix concrete would also provide a compliant solution. But many sites don’t do this, thinking they’re saving costs. This is a false economy which may save money on a small works package, but the wider consequences for noncompliance would be immeasurable.

Using the Clip is safer when compared to placing temporary formwork – effectively temporary works – which the Construction Design Management Regulation (CDM), recommends should be mitigated where possible.

Design and Compliance – further explanation

Structural Design

The joint between hollowcore units, works as a shear key. In most cases the infill material is specified as a minimum 25N/mm² structural concrete, as it’s designed to transfer lateral loads (diaphragm action) and spread vertical loads between units. Site mixed material doesn’t fulfil this requirement; and cube tests would not be available.

Robust Details – E-FC-4

When building in accordance with Robust Details, it states that the minimum density of the precast floor should be a minimum 300kg/m² and the joint should be fully grouted between hollowcore units. This is also stated on their site checklist, which should be completed by the Site Manager or Supervisor.

Building Regulations

Approved Document B | Fire Safety

Section 8: Compartmentation/Sprinklers and Provision of Compartmentation

All Purpose Groups

8.4 Effective compartmentation relies on both of the following:

a. Fire resistance should be continuous at the join between elements forming a compartment.

Approved Document E | Resistance to the Passage of Sound

Section 2

Separating Floors and Associated Flanking Constructions for New Buildings

3.30 Floor Type 1.2B Concrete Planks (solid or hollow) and 3.68 Floor Type 2.2B (solid or hollow)

All floor joints fully grouted to ensure air tightness

Approved Document L | Conservation of Fuel and Power

Party Walls and Other Thermal Bypass

3.4 Heat loss can be reduced by restricting air movement through the cavity, which can be achieved by fully filling the cavity and/or by effective sealing around the perimeter. Further guidance is available at

To find out more about our Shutter Clip call the Brilliant Ideas team on 01335 345111 or email