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We’ve developed brand new 6.05m² / 7.06m² and 8.07m² mat configurations, utilising a new extra-long module. Production starts in April.

During development we found that if we produced a 3.480m (L) x 0.290m (W) x 0.060m (T) module, we could boost our current range of large mats, further increasing structural performance. We’ve kept the key benefits from the existing range:

  1. Module interlock, enabling monolithic and enhances bi-directional load spread.
  2. Lightweight and handleable.
  3. Quick to set up with no short rigging.

How did we achieve it?

The internal truss design had to be re-engineered; and we analysed multiple profiles. One of the FEA simulations we did, was a compression test to the point of failure on two modules side by side. When applying a 500mm x 500mm square outrigger load – internal rib failure occurred at 616 tonnes, which is the equivalent to 2464 tonnes / m².

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