We’re featured in April’s edition of New Civil Engineer magazine. Our Innovation Showcase explores whether specifying mats to support outrigger cranes, should be more tightly regulated.

We think so.

That’s because mobile cranes apply high pressure onto the ground through their outriggers. With concerns about climate change and extreme variable weather conditions, ground load bearing test results for any given area can vary from day to day. Ground conditions under a crane outrigger pose the most risk of a crane overturning, which is why the outrigger load must be evenly spread over a larger area.

At Brilliant Ideas, we believe outrigger mats should be classified as lifting equipment within Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998 – therefore, falling into Regulation 9 (Thorough examination and inspection). As a result, it would then be similar to lifting chains which also have to be regularly tested, certified and inspected by a competent person, before they’re used.

Advancing crane technology

With crane technology advancing, and smaller cranes lifting more at greater radiuses and exerting heavier loads through their outriggers, does this mean crane mat technology has advanced at the same rate?

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