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When it comes to specifying an outrigger mat system, we could give you 10 good reasons why you should choose ALIMATS®. But we’re not going to do that. We’re only going to share one good reason.

1. Unique

It’s a patented handleable interlocking outrigger mat system, manufactured from recycled Aluminium.

1. Tested to the point of destruction

We’ve done lots of independent Finite Element Analysis simulations. One of these was a compression test to the point of failure on a single 60mm thick module, when applying a 500mm-by-500mm square outrigger load. Internal rib failure occurred at 463.94 tonnes, which is equivalent to 1855.76 tonnes/square metres.

1. Fully interlocking mats

Another FEA simulation proved that fully interlocking mats in a multi-mat set-up, behave like a single monolithic unit enhancing bi-directional load spread.

1. Certified and capable of spreading the load

Other simulations tested Aluminium, Timber (D40 Oak) and Plastic (UHMW) as a simply supported beam. Results showed Timber bent five times more than Aluminium but remained elastic and Plastic bent 50 times more than Aluminium having reached its elastic limit.

1. Different sizes

The size range is 0.67m2 to 8.41m2. Plus, our new extra-long module is coming soon – 6.05m² / 7.06m² and 8.07m² mat configurations.

1. Trusted by the industry

HS2, Tideway, Kier, BAM, Balfour Beatty, Precast Project Management, Costain, Interserve, Willmott Dixon, Severfield, B & K Structures, FP McCann and Bison Precast, plus many more use ALIMATS® on site.

1. QR codes

We’re adding these to all new modules manufactured from this year, from our short 1.160m module through to our new extra-long 3.480m module. It means site personnel can use their smartphone to access our drawings and specifications easily and quickly when they’re on site.

1. Lightweight

ALIMATS® split out into easy to carry modules with handles each end for ease of setup. Two people can safely move them about and place them into position. No short rigging!

1. Small enough

Yep, they’re small enough to fit in a van. Clients tell us this is a huge advantage on tight city centre sites. Wherever you are in the UK – we’ll deliver. You can read what clients say about our service, on our website.

1. Free to download

Our specifications and drawings are easily downloadable from our website – along with the datasheet. The detailed loading information and material certification is always popular with temporary works engineers.

Safety on site comes first. Not just one time. But every time. That’s why ALIMATS® are tested and certified. There’s a relatively grey area of guidance for outrigger material selection and certification. That’s why we want to see the crane mat market regulated, so there’s greater coherence between the outrigger loads upwards, foundation material and dispersal of the outrigger loads to within allowable GBP limits.

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