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Our Chris Massey has been developing problem solving innovations for construction, for more than 20-years. During his days working on site, Chris saw first-hand the dangers workers were exposed to, trying to do their job. So, when he took over Beresford’s Flooring all those years ago, he immediately made safety his priority.

He often found that while trying to improve safety for his colleagues, he couldn’t find the products to fulfil that need – so, he headed to the drawing board and started to develop and manufacture his own for the industry.

Here’s our five newest innovations, all created by Chris:

Rail Rubber – a unique product that fits on the side rails. It’s manufactured from a padded non-slip material, which provides safer use and protects what the rail leans against. Plus, it comes with loops for tethered tools.

Fire Nut – it’s been designed to protect steel nuts and bolts in the event of fire. Our system will be rated at 4-hours. Typically, intumescent paint is applied in multiple layers to make sure the steel is adequately fire protected but isn’t aesthetically pleasing!

Pole Driller – this is already an award-winning product. We went back to the drawing board though and developed a more robust system. Our Pole Driller can drill into concrete soffits working from the floor below, up to 4m with no working from height.

SLAPP Clamp – already being used on sites, we’ve now developed a larger one so all standard size pallets can be safely lifted. It only weighs 50kg compared to brick forks which weigh 250kg. It has a safe working load (SWL) of 1.8T and collapses down to fit in a small car.

Extra-long ALIMATS® module – this new 3.480m x 0.580m mat is already starting to hit sites across the UK. It increases load spread combinations, enabling 6.05m², 7.06m² and 8.07m² configurations, improving structural performance. This new extra-long range will be the longest metallic handleable outrigger mat module on the market.

Did you know? Chris is the author of The Pyramids of Egypt: How Were They Really Built? His Pyramid YouTube channel has had 16.8m views, such is his fascination with construction!