Carbon Neutral Lifting Device to be launched in the summer | Brilliant Ideas Brilliant Ideas | Carbon Neutral Lifting Device to be launched in the summer

After several years in development, we’re now at the advanced stages of finalising testing of our Carbon Neutral Lifting Device.

This totally unique patented innovation is called a Squeezepin® and has been developed by our very own Chris Massey. The Squeezepin® is a direct alternative to traditional steel lifting pins which are commonly used within precast concrete components.

It’s already been through ‘non-destructive testing’ up to 10T in concrete. In fact, we tested our lifting device beyond 45T, but these were based on prototype versions. We’re now well beyond the prototype phase and we’re really excited to see this product being launched to market in the summer. When compared to steel lifting pins, which are essentially redundant embodied carbon, the carbon savings alone will be enormous.

What we know about steel

Steel requires between 2kg to 15kg (value dependent on the grade) of CO2 to produce 1kg of material. The forging process also adds 0.44kg of CO2 to produce 1kg of material. Based on a 120mm long 5T spherical head anchor lifting pin, weighing 435g, this means that for each single pin to be produced, anywhere between 1.1kg to 6.7kg of CO2 is released into the atmosphere! Once the precast element is installed, this also becomes totally redundant embodied carbon and most precast elements would have a minimum of 4 pins cast into them – more if demoulding pins are required.

Our industry changing system is non-corrosive, so it’s suitable for all environments – buried and coastal. We’ll be making more announcements on the Squeezepin® very soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to talk to us about this new innovation, please contact Dan Westgate using the contact details below.

Interested in our Squeezepin®? Please call 01335 345111 or email