Why crane hire companies choose ALIMATS® crane mats by Brilliant Ideas | Brilliant Ideas Brilliant Ideas | Why crane hire companies choose ALIMATS® crane mats by Brilliant Ideas

There are two main reasons crane hire companies choose ALIMATS® – improved construction operations and overall financial benefits.

● ALIMATS® are lightweight enabling two operatives to offload, manoeuvre and re position the modules directly under a cranes outrigger by hand, saving time and money on heavy plant.

● And because the mats interlock, it allows the outrigger load to spread more evenly between the modules – significantly reducing the loadings and greatly improving structural performance.

Some crane companies prefer to buy their own set of mats, and others opt for single day or long-term hire.

Crane hire companies that use ALIMATS® – to name just a few

ABA ● Ainscough ● Atherstone ● Bennett ● Berry ● Birmingham ● Bob Francis ● Bronzeshield ● Cork ● Davies ● Dewsbury & Proud ● DM ● Emerson ● Gerrard ● King Lifting ● Kranserv ● Mac Salvors ● Marsden ● Marsh Plant ● Radius Group ● Raymond ● Sangwin ● Sparrow ● Steve Foster

“When we needed a quick turnaround on mats, the Brilliant Ideas team delivered. The 7.06m² mat configurations we hired were ordered at 2.50pm and arrived on site in Grangemouth at 8.02am – all within 18 hours. The mats are handleable and easier and quicker to set-up than steel mats, which are heavy.”
Ainscough Crane Hire

“I’ve appreciated the benefits of ALIMATS® for 10-years – that’s why I bought a set. ALIMATS® are made of aluminium and lightweight so I can transport a set of twelve to site in a small van or trailer. They’re easier to man-handle into restricted positions because the mats have handles”.

“We were the first to purchase a set of 24 – twelve-years ago, and they’re still going strong because we’ve looked after them. The investment was well worth it – I’ve had my money back a few times over”.
Berry Cranes

“Brilliant Ideas helped us out at very short notice, to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. The new variations that are now available make the product even better to work with and the clip together element of the design is always the preferred choice”.
Gerrard Cranes

Range of mat sizes for various applications

ALIMATS® come in five module lengths. When they’re used in conjunction with each other we can create different types of load spread scenarios from 1.34m² up to 8.07m².


Mini – 0.58m x 0.58m, weighing 13kg.
Short – 1160mm x 580mm, weighing 25kg.
Standard – 1740mm x 580mm, weighing 38kg.
Long – 2175mm x 580mm, weighing 48kg which are typically used in our 5m² configurations.
Extra Long – 3480mm x 290mm, weighing 48kg, typically used in our 6m² and 8m² configurations and powered access platform

If you’d like an ALIMATS® quote for your next project, please get in touch with the team today on 01355 345111 or email enquiries@brilliantideasltd.co.uk