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Our Half Loader Spreader Module works by moving high outrigger loads away from the centre of the crane mat and spreading it more evenly across two locations – reducing pressure applied to the supporting ground.

We’ve designed it to work with our 6.05m², 7.06m² and 8.07m² ALIMATS® configurations, utilising our 1.740m, 2.175m and 3.480m interlocking modules.

A fully patented and tested system, our extruded metallic truss design is made from certified high-grade recycled aluminium. Easily positioned by hand, measuring 1.16m long and weighing 48kg, it comes with handles as standard.

This new innovation forms part of our existing project in defining Safe Working Loads (SWL). The Half Loader is even deeper than our standard ALIMATS® profile, and three times stiffer.

Key Features of the Half Loader

Fully tested
Made from certified material
Lightweight and handleable
Quick and easy to set up
No additional plant or short rigging to install or remove

Benefits of the Half Loader

Suitable for Cranes. MEWPS. Concrete Pumps. Scaffolding
Easy offloading and manoeuvring
Removes the need for crane pads on our system
Higher safe working loads
Available data supports Temporary Works Engineers

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