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Instant Pipe Shutter

Our patented Instant Pipe Shutter (IPS) is a two-piece, strong thin plastic that fits neatly around waste pipes. It’s quick and easy to install. By clipping it into place, it provides shuttering to the complete circumference of the pipe, ready for concrete infilling.

Compliant with Robust Details and Building Regulations, it’s perfect for shuttering protruding waste pipes which penetrate suspended ground floors and a safe alternative to traditional shuttering methods when pre-installed on upper floors, as it eliminates working at height. Timber shuttering requires cutting, profiling and fixing, but our IPS just needs fixing into place, which massively reduces site operatives exposure to HAVS, and silica dust associated with timber.

Developed with sustainability in mind, we’ve manufactured the IPS from recycled polypropylene plastic – and it’s reusable.


‘The Instant Pipe Shutter gives us a nice, neat finish around service pipes – it’s a much better option than placing plywood around them. It’s a cost-effective product – they’re not expensive to buy and they’re reusable. They also save us time because the Pipe Shutter is easier and quicker to fit than plywood, plus they’re easier to get off once we’ve poured the concrete. We use them around soil pipes and between floors – they do a good job and are perfect for what we need’.

Adam Smith, Senior Site Manager, McCarthy Stone


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Beam and Block Floors

Hollowcore Floors

In-situ Floors

Features and Benefits

  • Modular – Designed specifically for 110mm Ø pipe
  • Safe – There’s no working at height if pre-installed
  • Sustainable – Manufactured from recycled polypropylene plastic; reusable
  • Fast – Power tool free installation so they’re extremely fast to install
  • Adaptable – Easy to cut and adapt
  • Quality Assured – Ensures compliance with Robust Details and Building Regulations

Price (RRP):

Instant Pipe Shutter: £3.50 each (excl. VAT)
Based on full boxes including delivery within England, Wales and Scotland (excluding Highlands).

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Instant Pipe Shutter Demonstration

What problem does the Pipe Shutter fix?

Service holes in pre-cast concrete or in-situ concrete floors are formed oversize to make sure there’s enough clearance for the waste pipes, which are pre-installed on ground floors and post installed on upper floors. The subsequent gap around the waste pipes have to be backfilled and sealed on ground floors, but on upper floors, a fire collar has to be fixed and then backfilled.

Common practice is to fix timber boarding flush with the surface of the floor. This involves cutting a board to size, cutting circles to fit around the pipes, drilling holes and fixing with screws. Shuttering around a waste pipe is a difficult, time-consuming and expensive process – and often involves working off a ladder.

Other poor practice on site involves foam filling around the pipe, but this isn’t in line with relevant building standards either.

The Brilliant Ideas Instant Pipe Shutter solves all of these issues.

How the idea for the product come about

The Pipe Shutter was originally invented for Beam & Block flooring which is typically used on suspended ground floors. The waste pipe protrudes between the beams, so just before infilling with an in-situ concrete surround, sites were traditionally using a handheld jigsaw to cut a circular hole from a piece of timber to act as a shutter. One of our operatives who works for our sister company, Beresford’s Flooring, cut their hand doing this, which was one of the reasons for developing this innovation.

The problem with a timber solution, is that it was often propped from the underside off the ground without applying a damp proof layer, which would create a cold bridge and risk of moisture forming. Timber is also an organic material, prone to fungi attack and rotting. Housebuilders were getting wise to this and didn’t want timber being left in place, but often, there was no means to remove it.

The Pipe Shutter ticks all of these boxes:

  • Polypropylene isn’t an organic material, so it won’t rot when left under a suspended ground floor.
  • Supported from slab – no propping required which is associated with timber.
  • No cutting required.
  • Extension piece available for larger openings.

The Instant Pipe Shutter in action

Step 1: Attach the Instant Pipe Shutter to the pipe
Step 2: Secure together with bolt and wing nut
Step 3: Insert cable ties and push into position
Step 4: Instant Pipe Shutter is now in position
Step 5: Pull up the cable ties and secure into place
Step 6: Fill area with concrete and remove bars when set
Shutter with beam
Shutter extension

Design and Compliance – further explanation

Robust Details

When building in accordance with Robust Details, it states that all voids around pipe should be sealed. The instant pipe shutter enables full depth seal, which complies with these requirements.

Approved Document B (Fire Safety)

In accordance with Volume 1, B3 Internal Fire Spread (Structure)

Construction of compartment walls and compartment floors
General provisions

5.8 All compartment walls and compartment floors should achieve both of the following.

a. Form a complete barrier to fire between the compartments they separate.

Section 9: Protection of Openings and Fire-Stopping
Openings for Pipes

Alternative A: Proprietary Seals (any pipe diameter)

9.3 Provide a proprietary, tested sealing system that will maintain the fire resistance of the wall, floor or cavity barrier.

In accordance with Volume 2 B3 Internal Fire Spread (Structure)

Section 8: Compartmentation/Sprinklers
Provision of compartmentation
All Purpose Groups

8.4 Effective compartmentation relies on both of the following.

b. Any openings between two compartments should not reduce the fire resistance.

Construction of compartment walls and compartment floors
General provisions

8.15 All compartment walls and compartment floors should achieve both of the following.

a. Form a complete barrier to fire between the compartments they separate.

To find out more about our Instant Pipe Shutter call the Brilliant Ideas team
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