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Construction’s Fastest Safety Net Recovery System

If one of your site operatives falls unconscious into a safety net, they can easily be rescued in under 3-minutes using our unique recovery system –helping to save their life.

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‘The safety net recovery system was a solution to a problem where floor heights and obstructions meant that we couldn’t get a MEWP to the underside of the safety net for rescue. The net was installed by rope access technicians, but we needed an alternative method of rescue from below. At the time, there wasn’t a system that would work to the height we were looking for, so we approached the team at Brilliant Ideas.

They custom-built a larger airbag system for us, giving us recovery from a floor-to-floor height of around 4.5m. We used it on a challenging project with very strict safety measures in place.

Our operatives in charge attended a training day at Brilliant Ideas training centre, so that they were fully prepared should they need to use it – which they didn’t. The simplicity of this net recovery system solved and overcame a problem on this project.

We would definitely look to implement this solution again.’

Richard Cresswell, Operations Supervisor, Severfield


Recovery Height

Our largest system can recover someone from a floor-to-floor height of around 4.5m. Our standard system at around 3.0m.
This soft-landing Safety Net Recovery System is available for short-term and long-term hire – please contact us for a quote.

Free Training

We’ll show you how to use the system at our purpose-built training centre in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Prefer us to come to you? Talk to us.

Life Saving Innovation

Quick recovery is vital with heart attacks, fits and blood loss – it saves lives. Without CPR, cardiac arrest can be fatal within minutes. While waiting for rescue from a net, exposure to very cold temperatures can cause Hypothermia. With the Safety Net Recovery System, safe recovery can be made within 3-minutes.

Award Winning

Our system has won multiple industry awards – including best health and safety award from FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) which is the trade association and industry training body for safety netting and temporary safety systems.

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Features and Benefits

  • Modular – System comes as a standard kit of parts and is stored in its own bag
  • Lightweight – System weighs 25kg and can be stored on the floor below the netted area
  • Fast – Battery powered with total inflation time of around 1- minute for our small system and 1.5 minutes for our large system. Deflation time around 2-minutes
  • Safe – Method statement available to put straight into RAMS
  • Flexible – Floor-to-floor height recovery is around 3.0m for our standard system and 4.5m for our larger system
  • Strong – Stranded operative weighing up to 150kg can be recovered
  • Handleable – Pulled on a trolley with stair climber wheels
  • Unique – There’s no other system like this in the industry

If a site operative falls into a safety net when they’re unconscious and in need of immediate medical care, at present, the best site emergency net recovery plan isn’t quick and presents a risk to life. For a paramedic to provide urgent medical care, the operative would need to be lowered to the ground.

A safe descent for those in need

When it comes to safely working at height, especially on steel framed buildings, safety nets are the most commonly used form of fall protection. The safety nets are positioned tightly beneath the work area, so if a worker falls, they are caught in the net; and if they are not injured they can climb out. But if they’re unable to recover themselves, they have to be retrieved from the net by others – a procedure often overlooked in most method statements.

This oversight was highlighted to Brilliant Ideas during a routine site installation in 2017. While working at height, one member of the Beresford’s Flooring installation team went into cardiac arrest. Although colleagues close by performed CPR until the paramedics arrived and despite the best efforts of everyone, our friend died in hospital a few days later.

Get the training

Our foreman at the time happened to mention, that in many ways, we’d been lucky that he’d collapsed onto scaffolding rather than falling into the safety net. This way, we were able to get to him, perform CPR and get him down from the scaffolding. If he’d fallen into the safety net, then that would have been difficult, if not impossible to get to him.

Full training on how to use the Net Recovery System is available at our purpose-built carbon neutral training centre, in Ashbourne Derbyshire.


Step 1: Site operative falls unconscious into the net
Step 2: Safety Net Recovery System [SNRS] is placed underneath the net
Step 3: The Net Recovery Bag is folded under the net
Step 4: Stretcher is clipped onto the Recovery Bag
Step 5: Recovery Bag is inflated
Step 6: The Net is cut
Step 7: The Recovery Bag is deflated
Step 8: Casualty is now safely on the floor

The Safety Net Recovery System in action

  • If a site operative falls unconscious into the net, the airbag can quickly and easily be placed underneath the casualty in the suspended net.
  • Two long-life lithium powered batteries inflate the bag in around 1- minute for our small system and 1.5 minutes for our large system.
  • The bag inflates a deep lip around its upper perimeter which automatically centralises the person onto a stretcher sitting within this well.
  • Once the casualty is fully supported by the bag and stretcher, it allows the rescuers to cut the safety netting, freeing the casualty to be lowered to the ground, by deflating the bag. Deflation takes around 2-minutes. The casualty can now start to receive lifesaving treatment.
  • If the paramedics are still not on the scene and circumstances require it, the stretcher can be unclipped and the casualty carried closer to the site entrance, saving valuable seconds for when the emergency services arrive.

To find out more about our Safety Net Recovery System call the Brilliant Ideas team
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