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The SLAPP Clamp is a lightweight device which lifts palletised materials. It’s robust and adjustable; and safely clamps the load to stabilise it during the lifting process.

They’re primarily used within the construction industry. When it was launched, this innovative product was the winner of the Interbuild Award, for a new health and safety product.

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Pallet Lifting

Mortar Tubs

Features and Benefits

  • Modular – System comes as a standard kit of parts
  • Lightweight – Entire kit weighs under 50kg
  • Robust – Manufactured from steel plate
  • Safe – Ensures quick and safe lifting operations with the load clamped
  • Flexible – Fully de-mountable and easily transported in a small van or car
  • Compact – When stored vertically the system is only 150mm wide
  • Strong – Fully tested system with a safe working load of 1.8 tonnes
  • Handleable – Four carry handles making it easy to move around
  • Applications – Suitable for pallets and mortar tubs.

To find out more about SLAPP Clamp call the Brilliant Ideas team on 01335 345111 or email

Why the SLAPP Clamp was developed

The logistics of arranging the delivery and collection of brick forks to sites up and down the country is challenging. Standard brick forks are large and heavy, making them awkward to use and difficult to handle. In many situations, site operatives travel to site in vans loaded to capacity with their own job specific equipment, leaving no capacity for brick forks. These would need to be delivered separately to site on flat bed transport.

The SLAPP Clamp was originally invented to solve this problem for Beresford’s site operatives. That’s because there wasn’t anything suitable or safe on the market that could do the job – so Chris Massey decided to use his experience to develop a brand-new lifting device. After 18 months, the SLAPP Clamp was born. The interest it generated when being used on site, convinced us that it should be offered across the construction industry.

FP McCann, who are the largest precast concrete manufacturer in the UK, had a similar issue when offloading block packs on their Hiab beam and block flooring deliveries. Although hauliers mostly carry the correct equipment to unload the beams, this isn’t always the case with the block packs which are delivered on the same load. They approached Brilliant Ideas to purchase the SLAPP Clamp for their own use.

The main criteria for them was the equipment had to be small, lightweight and capable of lifting up to 1.8 tonnes, so transport to site on the Hiab wouldn’t take up a large area or weight – and therefore reducing the vehicle payload. After the evolution of different prototypes, a new generation SLAPP Clamp was developed. FP McCann are currently using the Clamp on their Hiab 8-wheel rigid vehicles.


Step 1 – Unload SLAPP Clamp from vehicle
Step 2 – Carry it to your location
Step 3 – Place pallet bars and locate chains
Step 4 – Adjust using chain shorteners
Step 5 – Attach to the Hiab lifting boom
Step 6 – Safely lift the pallet

What people say

The SLAPP Clamp works brilliantly for us as our crane is fitted with a specialist finger grab for offloading flooring beams; and we needed something to offload pallets without dropping the grab off. We now attach the SLAPP Clamp using a short chain with the beam grab still in place.

From a Health & Safety perspective, the SLAPP Clamp is certainly safer for lifting pallets than slings. It works very well. It’s a good lightweight alternative to a full hydraulic block grab and is compact meaning it doesn’t take up much deck space. There’s nothing else like it on the market. We’re very impressed with it’.

Richard Wade, G R Wade & Son

To find out more about SLAPP Clamp call the Brilliant Ideas team
on 01335 345111 or email