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Here’s a load spread solution we developed for our client Lowery Group, who are working for Main Contractor Balfour Beatty. This fascinating project involves installing a 65km electricity cable between Calais and Folkestone through the Channel Tunnel, to boost both countries current and future energy needs.

Our works connected with this project involved creating a 320m long access road on private ground, in Folkestone, as work needed to be carried out to cabling located underground. We were approached by Lowery Group because it was identified that they needed a load spread solution to support vehicles weighing up to 42 tonnes – and they needed it fast.

We visited site on December 20th – and three days later the Brilliant Ideas team installed an ALIMATS® system made up of 1176 interlocking mat modules in a single day. The main works took place over the Christmas break, so it was essential the road was in place before shutdown. It was laid in a single layer, made up of our 1.160m, 1.740m and 2.175m mat configurations – and 70 Enduramats to protect the grass.

As you can see from the video, our patented interlock comes into its own as it spreads the load between modules, as the vehicles track over them.

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