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We provide access track load spread solutions. This ALIMATS® scissor lift solution is for Speedclad at Base, who were working with main contractor Caddick Construction.

Operationally, the angled 3.480m modules worked as a 24m rolling road up and down each elevation of the building. The reason why the modules are shown on an angle is to make sure the spread goes across multiple single layer interlocking mats as the machine tracks. Additional mats are also placed under the machine for when the outriggers are deployed.

Our access track load solution proved so successful that another contractor working on site ordered the exact same solution. Across the two projects we used 180 ALIMATS® plus Ethafoam to protect the blockwork and spread the load imposed by the scissor lifts.

To download the drawing for Speedclad’s powered access solution, click here and go to drawing number: A-BIL-60M-GA01

What Speedclad said about the project:

‘We were contracted to install the rainscreen cladding façade at Base Building in Manchester which meant having a circa 400-metre access track load spread solution around the north, south, east and west of the building. The load spread had to be able to take a HAB S280-25 machine weighing 18 tonnes, including the basket capacity. It was a challenging project because of access, so Dan Westgate did a site visit and then went away and designed a proposal for us.

He came up with a ‘belt and braces’ solution using their interlocking ALIMATS® modules – it was 100% perfect. When the Brilliant Ideas team arrived on site they also set-up the mat modules for us’.

Calum Mackay, Contracts Manager

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