The only interlocking aluminium outrigger mat system in the world

ALIMATS® is a unique interlocking outrigger mat system – made from certified aluminium. It has been specifically developed to spread outrigger loadings and has been fully load tested up to 1856 tonnes/m². They’ve been used on all sorts of high-profile projects – HS2, Tideway, Heathrow Airport, London Guildhall, Google HQ Kings Cross, Olympic Park, Tottenham Hotspur and London Bridge; to name just a few.

ALIMATS® are available for nationwide hire and delivery.

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Interlocking design

Interlocking design enables monolithic action and bi-directional load spread

A range of sizes

Standard mat sizes range from 0.67m² to 8.41m²

Easy to carry

Light enough for two people to safely carry and set up

Easy to transport

Small enough to fit in a van

Load tested

Fully load tested up to 1850 tonnes/m2

Extruded Aluminium

Fully certified Aluminium system

Designed for Outriggers and more

Props, Concrete Pumps, Scaffolding and MEWPS

Features and Benefits

  • Certified – Fully certified Aluminium system
  • Engineered – Interlock enables bi-directional load spread
  • Strong – Fully load tested up to 1856 tonnes/m²
  • Lightweight – Mat modules only weigh 38kg/m²
  • Handleable – All modules fitted with handles as standard
  • Adaptable – Wide range of mat sizes available
  • Safe – No short rigging or plant required to set up

ALIMATS® Core Sizes

1.346m2 Mat Area

(1.160m X 1.160m)

2.018m2 Mat Area

(1.740m x 1.160m)

2.523m2 Mat Area

(2.175m x 1.160m)

3.028m2 Mat Area

(1.740m x 1.740m)

4.037m2 Mat Area

(2.320m x 1.740m)

4.541m2 Mat Area

(2.320m x 1.957m)

5.046m2 Mat Area

(2.320m x 2.175m)

6.055m2 Mat Area

(3.280m x 1.740m)

6.728m2 Mat Area

(2.900m x 2.320m)

7.737m2 Mat Area

(3.335m x 2.320m)

8.410m2 Mat Area

(2.900m x 2.900m)

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    “ALIMATS are lightweight – they come as interlocking panels, they’re easy for two people to pick up/move around and easy to use. This is an excellent product, backed up with an extremely supportive team. Brilliant Ideas deliver on time every time.”

    John Whitham, Balfour Beatty Modular

    To find out more about ALIMATS® call the Brilliant Ideas team
    on 01335 345111 or email

    “We’ve used ALIMATS® for as long as I can remember – they are fairly unique; we can’t fault them.
    ALIMATS® does exactly what it says on the tin. They’re a massive improvement on the timber mats.”

    Tom Drury, Cahill Welding