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ALIMATS® is a modular load spread solution for cranes and powered access.

Made from certified extruded aluminium it has a unique patented interlocking design. Lightweight and handleable the system comes in a range of mat sizes for single day, weekly and long-term hire, as well as an option to purchase. Come directly to us to hire and purchase ALIMATS®.

We deliver ALIMATS® across the UK, 24/7. We also ship them internationally.

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Key Features of ALIMATS®

Patented interlocking design

The clever piece on ALIMATS® is the patented interlock. When the modules are interlocked together they work as one structure to distribute the load, greatly increasing its performance. That’s because the load is spread in multiple directions over the whole mat area – rather than just one direction.

Made from recycled certified extruded aluminium

ALIMATS® are manufactured from certified high-grade recycled aluminium with CO2 per-life-cycle stage analysis. One of our biggest challenges in developing ALIMATS® was finding a material that was lightweight, strong – and sustainable. It was also vital to select a material that could be certified after repeated use. Our research steered us in the direction of extruded aluminium in a truss like form.

ALIMATS® come with certification and detailed loading information which temporary works engineers incorporate into their designs. It means that the structural properties of the mat modules are known at the time of use.

Lightweight and handleable modules

Every metallic module in our ‘hire and sale’ range is lightweight and handleable which is why we’ve fitted handles as standard.

Modules range between 13kgs and 48kgs. Non handleable heavier systems made from timber, steel and composites can typically weigh upwards of 200kgs per mat and would need to be short rigged, adding extra cost and time to the project.

Range of mat sizes for various applications

ALIMATS® come in five module lengths. When they’re used in conjunction with each other we can create different types of load spread scenarios from 1.34m² up to 8.07m².

We can also create bespoke load spread solutions for powered access.


  • Mini – 0.58m x 0.58m, weighing 13kg.
  • Short – 1160mm x 580mm, weighing 25kg.
  • Standard – 1740mm x 580mm, weighing 38kg.
  • Long – 2175mm x 580mm, weighing 48kg which are typically used in our 5m² configurations.
  • Extra Long – 3480mm x 290mm, weighing 48kg, typically used in our 6m² and 8m² configurations and powered access platform solutions.
Powered Access Solutions

ALIMATS® Core Sizes

1.346m2 Mat Area

(1.160m X 1.160m)

2.018m2 Mat Area

(1.740m x 1.160m)

3.028m2 Mat Area

(1.740m x 1.740m)

4.037m2 Mat Area

(2.320m x 1.740m)

5.046m2 Mat Area

(2.320m x 2.175m)

6.055m2 Mat Area

(3.280m x 1.740m)

7.064m2 Mat Area

(3.480m x 2.030m)

8.073m2 Mat Area

( 3.480m x 2.320m)

Half Loader Spreader Module

Our Half Loader spreader module is our newest innovation. We’ve designed it to deliver a more even load spread, and higher safe working outrigger loads. We’ve achieved it by moving the load away from the centre of the mat system and spreading it across two locations – reducing the pressure applied to the supporting ground.

It works in conjunction with our ALIMATS® system when high outrigger loads are present and removes the requirement for crane pads.

Watch the Half Loader in action

ALIMATS® are trusted by

and many others.

“The ALIMATS® system works well – we use them on 9/10 jobs. Our temporary works team look at the ground, do the calculations and there’s never a problem with specifying these mats to spread the load. They interlock and are easy to set-up without heavy plant”


Benefits of ALIMATS®

Improved structural performance

ALIMATS® patented interlock offers both structural and operational benefits.

Structural benefits – when the mats are positioned under a crane, you get load spread between modules. And when they are used in powered access in the tracking situation for a single layer, you get load transfer as the machine tracks across.

Operational benefits – with handleable mats, you can set up the configuration below the outrigger. And because the modules interlock, when you pull one mat to align the configuration, it acts as one structure and moves the whole system, ensuring the outrigger load is applied at the centre of the mat – something which is a lot more difficult to achieve with non handleable systems.

Easy offloading and manoeuvring

Weighing between 13kgs and 48kgs a module, ALIMATS® are handleable for two operatives to offload, position and adjust once assembled under the outrigger – you can see how easy it is by watching our explainer video showcasing our 5.04m2 interlocking mats below. Without handles, this wouldn’t be possible.

Watch our explainer videos

Before fitting handles, we put a lot of thought into safety – making sure to position them to prevent fingers and hands becoming trapped.

Time and cost savings on construction sites

We deliver ALIMATS® to tight city centre sites or extreme remote regions like wind farms in Scotland on our FORS Bronze vans, using our own delivery drivers. These lightweight modules are quick to offload by hand and set-up. This eliminates the need for short rigging which saves time and money.

Learn more about the cost-efficiency and productivity aspects of Alimats.

Suitable for various types of machines and equipment

ALIMATS® is a modular load spread solution for cranes – and powered access.

Examples of our Powered Access drawings, all tracking and operating show:

Find out more about ALIMATS® in Powered Access Solutions

“ALIMATS® are by far the best distribution of outriggers and bring the loadings down significantly. It’s a much better system than Ekki mats and other conventional systems. ALIMATS® come with handles, are lightweight and easy to move around”

Capital Steel Structures

Video: The Operational Benefits Of ALIMATS®

Why crane hire companies choose ALIMATS®

Crane hire companies choose ALIMATS® for two main reasons.

  • They are light enough to be offloaded, sited and manoeuvred into position by two operatives – which saves time and money because heavy plant isn’t needed.
  • And because the mats interlock, it allows the outrigger load to spread more evenly between the modules – significantly reducing the loadings and greatly improving structural performance.
Find out more

Why we need innovative crane mat and outrigger pad solutions in the construction industry

The key function of load spreader mats is to reduce the applied pressure to the ground to make sure that the machine and the lift remain stable. Ground conditions under a crane outrigger pose the most risk of a crane overturning. It can be difficult to know if the ground beneath a crane will support the weight and pressure under the outriggers, which is why the outrigger load must be evenly spread over a larger area.

Over the past 20-years, crane technology has greatly advanced. Smaller cranes are now lifting more at greater radiuses and exerting heavier loads through their outriggers. What hasn’t advanced at the same rate, if at all, is crane mat technology. There doesn’t appear to be any formal protocol on material selection, certification or testing.

What’s clear from our research is that some manufacturers and distributors of crane mats are promoting the compressive strength of the material – even though all crane mat materials have high compressive strength. We believe a far better question to ask is ‘are they capable of safely spreading the outrigger load horizontally before distribution to the ground’.

With ongoing concerns about climate change and extreme variable weather conditions, ground load bearing test results for any given area can vary from day to day. Various ground conditions would have different allowable ground bearing conditions and pressures – and different machines and lifting environments would have different concentrated outrigger loads. That’s why we believe the material of the outrigger mat should have known structural properties at the time of use.

Watch our explainer videos

ALIMATS® Delivery Service

We’re geared up to offer a rapid delivery service inclusive of free technical support. We’ve received ALIMATS® hire orders for delivery to Scotland at 2.50pm for a next day 8am delivery – which is no problem for us as we employ our own team of delivery drivers.

  • For hire and sale.
  • Single day, weekly or longer-term hire.
  • 24-hour nationwide delivery service and timed drop-offs.
  • Our drivers are CSCS card holders, carry their own PPE and most are CPCS certified.
  • FORS Bronze fleet of vans are < 3.5T
  • Fully automated delivery service – our drivers can send a ‘proof of delivery’ straight to your booking team.
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“We approached Brilliant Ideas for a load transfer solution, enabling us to carry out high-level fire protection work. The beam and block floor system wouldn’t have withstood the weight of MEWPS before insulation and floor screed. We needed a working platform enabling the use of lifters, enhancing the floors structural integrity. Dan Westgate visited site, took measurements and quickly presented a reasonably costed proposal. His ALIMATS® design worked exceptionally well”

G F Tomlinson

Why ALIMATS® are trusted by the industry

  • Engineered – Fully patented interlocking design enables monolithic action and enhances bidirectional load spread.
  • Strong – Non-destructive compression tested to 1005T/m² and FEA compression simulation to the point of distortion to 1856T/m².
  • Certified – Delivered with data sheets and certificates which are valued by Temporary Works Engineers. Can be transported to site in a small van.
  • Lightweight – mat module weight range is 13kg to 48kg, making them handleable for two people to offload and position, allowing for a quick and easy set-up.
  • Safe – No additional plant required and or short rigging to install/remove. Handles fitted as standard and located away from the trapping zone when placing.
  • Sustainable – Mat modules manufactured from recycled certified extruded Aluminium.
  • Flexible – The various mat sizes/configurations are made up by interlocking modules together on-site with mat sizes available from 0.33m² to 8.07m² – including our new extra-long modules 6.05m² / 7.06m² and 8.07m² configurations.
  • Multiple Applications – Suitable for Cranes and Powered Access (MEWPs, Scissors and Spider Cranes), Concrete Pumps and Scaffolding.
  • Tested – Capable of spreading the load. Independent FEA simulations tested Aluminium, Timber (D40 Oak) and Plastic (UHMW) as a simply supported beam. Results showed Timber bent five times more than Aluminium but remained elastic and Plastic bent 50 times more than Aluminium having reached its elastic limit.

Handleable Outrigger Mats – Technical Overview

Key considerations when choosing outrigger crane mats

The weight and material properties utilised in handleable outrigger mats are summarised within the table below.

This table highlights the varying material properties and why they should be known at the time of use.

You can also download our outrigger mats CPD Extracts – Material Selection and Certification.

View full presentation
Properties Nylanite Plastic
Ekki / Azobé Timber
Oak Timber
ALIMATS® Aluminium
Mat Density (kg/m³) 1380 960 1080 660 600
Material Density (kg/m³) 1380 960 1080 660 2700
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 123 21 34 26 280
Tensile Strength (MPa) 78 28 42 24 270
Modulas of Elasticity (MPa) 3000 1350 20000 13000 69000

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    Considering ALIMATS® for your next project?

    Here’s a recap on the systems features and benefits:

    • Patented interlocking design – for improved structural performance.
    • Made from recycled certified extruded aluminium – for easy offloading and manoeuvring.
    • Lightweight modules 13kg to 48kg – no need for heavy plant and short rigging – saving time and cost on site
    • Module sizes 0.33m² to 8.07m² for various applications – cranes, MEWPS, scissors, spider cranes, concrete pumps and scaffolding
    • Fully load tested system and certified – temporary works engineers use our datasheet in their calculations
    • Maximum module weight 48kg – entire range is easily delivered to site on a small van
    • ALIMATS® are available to buy – talk to us about painting them in your corporate colours

    If you’d like to trial ALIMATS® for your next load spread or load transfer project, please get in touch with the team today on 01355 345111 or email

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    “We’ve used ALIMATS® for as long as I can remember – they are fairly unique; we can’t fault them.
    ALIMATS® does exactly what it says on the tin. They’re a massive improvement on the timber mats.”

    Tom Drury, Cahill Welding