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We’re in the final stages of developing our Half Loader Spreader Module – which will replace crane pads on our ALIMATS® system.

We’ve designed it to provide a more even load spread under high outrigger loads. The Half Loader will complement our existing range of ALIMATS® modules and essentially spread the outrigger load over two locations.

This development forms part of our existing project in defining Safe Working Loads based on our standard configurations. This new profile is even deeper than our standard ALIMATS® profile – and three times stiffer.

To get the Half Loader design absolutely right, we’ve analysed these eight profiles which we’ve now filtered down to two, with the winner being selected very soon.

Profile drawings 1 to 5

Profile drawings 6 to 8

They’re both currently going through final analysis before the selected profile moves into manufacture. We’re looking to launch the Half Loader in May and will be showcasing it at Vertikal Days in Peterborough on the 10 and 11 May.

What does the video show?

It shows the FEA simulation where we’ve point loaded the Half Loader module at mid span, working as a simply supported beam.

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