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Pole Driller

Our lightweight, telescopic pole drilling system can mark and drill drainage points working from floor level, up to 5.0m – eliminating working at height. This safe, fast and cost-effective drilling service is carried out by our sister company, Beresford’s Flooring. Interested? Please get in touch.

‘We use the Pole Drilling service because it improves safety – it means drainage holes in hollowcore can be drilled without having to work at height. And because the system is lightweight, it provides the flexibility to easily move around site, speeding up the drilling process. The adjustable telescopic pole can reach 5m which allows height adjustments to be made quickly, depending on the level you’re working at. It’s proving a cost-efficient option as we no longer have a need for access towers’.

Dave Bloor, Installations Manager, Bison Precast

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Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight – Easily transportable and light enough to be carried around site.
  • Fast – Extremely rapid solution.
  • Safe – Eliminates the risk of working at height and the need for fall protection or PASMA qualifications. Reduces the operative’s exposure to HAVS/ noise/dust/strains.
  • Flexible – System comes with an adjustable telescopic pole which can drill into soffits up to 5.0m; works in tight spaces.
  • Strong – Manufactured from Aluminium.
  • Multiple Applications – System comes with various adapters enabling the soffit to be marked prior to drilling. 110V power compliant. Suitable for all types of concrete soffits.
  • Multiple Appliances – Standard slotted drive system (SDS) drill, hood to protect drill from water, drill trigger switch and handle to operate drill trigger

To find out more about our Pole Driller call the Brilliant Ideas team on 01335 345111 or email enquiries@brilliantideasltd.co.uk

Safer Faster Solution

During construction rainwater can get trapped within the cores of the hollowcore precast units. Some manufacturers can drill or pre-form drainage points during production, but most can’t and carry out the drilling after installation. Often, this means operatives working at height exposing them to airborne silica dust, manual handling, hand arm vibration and noise.

With our lightweight Pole Driller this can be completed safely working from floor level. It also speeds up the drilling process, eliminating the need for tower scaffold and fall protection, making it a cost-effective option.

The Driller has been used on multiple sites, including Lancashire Cricket Club Hotel and several multi occupancy residential schemes

To find out more about our Pole Drilling Service call the Brilliant Ideas team on 01335 345111 or email enquiries@brilliantideasltd.co.uk