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Engineered Levelling Shims

Stacker Packers are an engineered levelling shim solution, specifically designed for levelling precast concrete units. They’ve been used on high-profile projects including Barcelona Cathedral, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Anfield Main Stand, Wimbledon Court One and Emirates Stadium.

Manufactured from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), Stacker Packers have a high compressive strength. Their integral inbuilt dowels allow the levelling shims to interlock horizontally and vertically, forming a safe and stable shim structure.It means site operatives can easily position them without trapping their fingers.


‘We love how Stacker Packers interlock together, where four or six shims become one, to create a safe and stable shim stack. We know that the shims have been independently load tested and manufactured from certified material, so they are ideal for precast concrete stadia components. The interlocking side profile also enables adjustment which keeps the operatives hand away from the trapping zone. You can also interlock adjacent shims to create a larger bearing area. We’ve already used thousands of them on our Fulham Football Club development and we will be using them on our forthcoming projects. Stacker Packers is a great product.’

Steve Burley, Senior Site Manager, Severfield (UK) Limited


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Precast Concrete Components

Steel Frame Buildings

Curtain Walling


Features and Benefits

  • Modular – Available in 2mm, 3mm, 5mm and 10mm
  • Unique – Perimeter profile allows adjustment of the shim stack away from the trapping zone. With other systems this isn’t possible.
  • Safe – Inbuilt dowels allow the shims to interlock horizontally and vertically, forming a safe and stable shim structure, which doesn’t slip against each other under load
  • Stability – With sideways connection, the shims can be increased in length and width to give even greater stability
  • Design – Projecting inbuilt dowels are designed to depress under load, leaving a flat surface with no high points
  • Strong – High compressive strength, impact resistant and shatterproof

To find out more about Stacker Packers call the Brilliant Ideas team on 01335 345111 or email


Why Stacker Packers were developed

In construction, there’s often a need to build up height shortfalls, i.e., when levelling stairs and terraces. The packers or shims that are currently used are difficult to stack, easily slide off each other and are difficult to position because of their unstable nature, leading to trapped fingers.

Brilliant Ideas Stacker Packers solves this problem. Our Packers have been moulded with higher dowels which fit into matching recesses, keeping the stack together. Once pressure is applied to the topmost/exposed dowels, they’re designed to collapse into the gap below giving a full and level surface area, with no high points. When setting your final position, connect the edge keys which lock into one another and then, sliding the stack into position, twist the packer to disconnect.

Product Code Dimensions Colour Quantity Per Box
MSP2 35mm x 35mm x 2mm Brown 3000
MSP3 35mm x 35mm x 3mm Blue 2000
MSP5 35mm x 35mm x 5mm White 1250
MSP10 35mm x 35mm x 10mm Black 600
SPK2 70mm x 70mm x 2mm Brown 1000
SPK3 70mm x 70mm x 3mm Blue 750
SPK5 70mm x 70mm x 5mm White 500
SPK10 70mm x 70mm x 10mm Black 250

Independently Tested

Brilliant Ideas Stacker Packers have been independently tested. Compression tests have been carried out on 50mm and 100mm high stacks containing shims of different thicknesses. A load of up to 200kN was applied and the compressive strength achieved for both stacks were in excess of 40N/mm2.

To find out more about Stacker Packers call the Brilliant Ideas team
on 01335 345111 or email